Misery of Tribhuvan University

Around 12,000 students gathered at Dashrath Stadium on 18th December 2023 to mark 49th TU Convocation Day. It's a huge number of students and Tribhuvan University even claimed the World Record for highest number of students graduating at a same time.

However, given the large attendance of graduating students, the event is being popularized for rather some unfortunate reasons. Many people portray these graduating students as slave for developed foreign countries given the lack of opportunities and suitable job environment in the home country.

It would not be wrong to say that deserving students and skilled professionals lack suitable opportunities, grooming environment and sustainable lifestyle in Nepal. There is little to no effort done to tackle this huge problem which is causing thousands of students to leave Nepal each an everyday.

Tribhuvan University does hold pride for being the pioneer in country's university level education but most of it's courses are irrelevant and outdated in modern world. Due to this, most of the people who graduate from this university wants to pursue further education in more reputed universities. Countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Finland serve exactly the solution of this problem as these countries have world class education at reputed universities. Students can pursue their study and earn simultaneously in these countries.

The concept of 'Learn and Earn' lacks hugely in Tribhuvan University as it focuses mostly on theoretical education. Students lack skills which would actually matter in the real world. Unfortunately, neither the University nor the Government are putting any efforts to overcome this situation.