Significance of Yomari Punhi

Yomari Punhi is one of the many festivals celebrated in Nepal. It is usually celebrated in the month of December/January; specifically on the day of purnima i.e. the full moon. 

Yomari is a sweet dish which contains chhakhu (a sweet food item made from heating jaggery with milk) or khuwa (derived from heating milk above the boiling point and mixing flour). The outer layer of this food is enclosed with the batter made from rice flour.

Since the aforementioned food ingredients are high-calorie food items, it is usually believed that eating yomari will produce energy in the body. Especially during winter, this food item is believed to prevent one from catching a cold. Therefore, it's a high-immunity food.

Yomari making process.

Moving on, Yomari carries cultural significance as well, specifically for the Newar community. However, each and every community consumes this food annually during the Yomari Punhi. Nevertheless, commercial newari restaurants offer this cuisine all over the year. It has emerged as the most famous dessert in Nepal.