Robots are the Reality

The impact technology has created upon human beings is huge. We can't ignore the unprecedented rise of science and technological advancements at current time. Therefore, the rise of robots and automation is also great technological feat that scientists and engineers have achieved.

Overall, robots contribute to great extend when it comes to achieving difficult tasks. They might well replace muscle power of humans in fields like factories and industries. When it comes to human's future development, making life easier would be the biggest purpose for robots which they are more than capable of doing.

However with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, robots are getting smarter day-by-day. Companies like OpenAI suggests that, if AI is not regulated then it might create great threat to the humanity.

Talking about some visible disadvantages of robots, we can see that that robots have taken over many jobs which require manual work contributing towards high unemployment rate.

Nevertheless with good regulation policy by the government, it's possible to make great use of robots in our daily lives in order to make human lives more convenient considering sustainability and no harm done to the nature.

Since each and everything has their own pros and cons, the field of robotics is also no different. In my opinion, we should embrace this technology encouraging new age of scientists and engineers to make even greater advancements in the field of robotics.

Science has endless possibilities and as humans, we should dwell even more to discover new possibilities. Therefore, I advocate for robots.