Life is uncertain. We can't predict the events in our life as things occur very spontaneously. The only thing in our control is our willingness to spend this limited time of ours in the way we want it. Nevertheless, not every wish of ours materializes as god may have different plans as compared to ours. Human's wants and desires are unlimited and it's extremely hard to fulfill all of those.

However, we can stay optimistic in our life and manifest good things to happen in future. It may not always be the case but as the old say says, we become what we think of ourselves. With optimism, we can overcome each and every difficult situations we encounter in our lives and think ahead in the future forgetting what happened in the past.

It's impossible to change the events occured in past but we can certainly hope that good things would happen in future. We often get demotivated, stressed-out and depressed looking at the miserable state of our lives. It's often due to comparing our life to others. Each and every individual has their own ways to live their life and it's unique to the other. So, it's not appropriate to compare our life to others. No matter what our wealth, position and recognition is, death is the ulimate destiny waiting for all of us.

So, let's be optimistic during this limited course of life no matter whatever happens.