One of the Best Movie Ever Made: 12th Fail

There are very few masterpieces when it comes to movies. I am not a cinephile and the type of movies that I watch are also totally random. However, 12th Fail is one of the movies that took me into the cinematic experience that none other movies did.

With the IMDb rating of 9.2/10 and Rotten Tomatoes rating of 90%, it has become one of the best rated Hindi movie of all time. The storyline is so unpredictable and different from typical Bollywood movies that each an every struggling human being can relate with the story of the main character.

It's unfair to reveal the story of this brilliant cinema in this blog as I request everyone who haven't watched it until now to watch the movie. The director Vidhu Vinod Chopra has presented this movie in a brilliant way with very straightforward philosophy.

I never came across movies where the director is so clear regarding the theory he is trying to convey. When you watch the movie, you associate yourself with the main character. The battle that the main character goes through slowly becomes your battle as well. There is roller coaster ride of emotions throughout the movie as they are so deep that make you cry.

You can easily watch this movie on the YouTube. I hope directors make this kind of movie more often so that any normal person could relate with the main character. This is certainly the kind of movie which you never get tired of watching again and again just like the movie '3 idiots'. 

In the end, all I'd say is that, this movie has changed the way I look at life and the struggle. I have realized that, I will RESTART again no matter how many times I fail in life.