The Irresistible Delight: Nepal's Authentic Momo Culture.


Momo is certainly the most famous dish from Nepal. Its origin could be traced to Tibet but the authenticity of Nepali-styled momo is entirely Nepalese. It was initially made popular in Nepal by the Newari community but now each and every community celebrates this dish as it has become a part of food culture in Nepal.

Momo comes in many varieties. In my opinion, every variety has a uniqueness of its own. Talking about its composition, the internal fillings known as 'keema' are wrapped in an outer covering made from flour. Some of the variations of momo are Buff momo, Chicken momo, and Veg momo. There are some rare types too like Paneer momo, Pork momo, and Mutton momo. However, Buff momo is the most popular dish as it comes in the first preference of many people. 

Many creative variations of momo have emerged in recent times. For instance, Kothey momo; the momo fried on one side, and C-momo; the hot and red momo cooked with spices and tomato sauce, etc. are very popular in the streets of Kathmandu. Furthermore, on the cold and gloomy winter evenings, people usually crave jhol momo; the momo with hot soup. 

Jhol Momo

Many popular food vloggers from all around the world visit Kathmandu to try the authentic momo in the streets and alleys of Kathmandu. The energy of this valley combined with the unbeatable taste of spices and flavours would make everyone come back for it again and again.