Having Mouse as a pet


Having a mouse as a pet may be a weird choice but for me, it's purely consequential. Actually, my brother Raghav bought it from Bhaktapur back in 2019.  It's been 3 years and there have been several generations of mice between those times but now I only have one.

Many people have dogs or cats as their pets. Some may also have birds, reptiles and fish. Having a mouse in this sense makes your feel extraordinary as not many people would relate to your choice.

As the fertility rate of these tiny rodents is very high, they give birth to 9-10 pinkies at once. Due to this reason, I had to separate males and females in different compartments when I had many mice. I have already given the rest of the mice to other people and one male mouse is all I am left with.

The sad part is, sometimes I feel this tiny creature lacks companionship being alone. Nevertheless, it's very friendly and doesn't bite like other rats.

Back then, many rats used to visit our house but since the introduction of the mouse, surprisingly they are all gone. Mice are the easiest pets to deal with since they don't make any sound and eat pretty much anything you could imagine of.

So, if you are thinking of getting a pet right now, mouse could be the best option.