Visit to Rara Lake

 We went to Rara Lake from our college on a tour. Initially, I was in doubt whether I should visit there or not as it's very far from Kathmandu. I eventually decided to visit Rara lake and believe me, it was the best experience of my lifetime. It took 3 days for us to reach there. On the first day, we reached Kohalpur, Banke.


On the 2nd day, we reached Manma, Kalikot and on the 3rd day, we reached Rara Lake. The lake sits on the laps of the Himalayas and one can't be less mesmerized by the beauty of mother nature. The crystal clear blue water perfectly reflects the mountains in the water, the view which you'd pay million dollars. We did boating as well. The months of March, and April is best to visit there. Heaven is a myth, Rara is real.