Random Stuffs in mind

 I honestly don't know what the fuck is going on with my life. I am just lost regarding my targets in life and I honestly don't understand why am I making so many typing mistakes as such. What my experience has taught me so far is that mistakes always occur in the life but no matter how many mistakes you make and regardless how big a problem is, never give up on your dreams, never let optimism out of your mind, always do tasks no matter how small are they. These are the things what life has taught me so far. Never be ashamed to show off what you have done no matter how small or embarrassing they are. People would always live on expectations like I would do this and that..and fucking things like that. Always learn to accept things and not expecting things.

Although I have done something that I myself could be proud of. But such feelings don't last long. My nature is such that, I am a 'go-getter'. I don't stick upon the good feelings for a long period of time. I always insist on doing something new and creative. I hope I will continue doing something that would make me satisfied even for less amount of time. I feel that collecting such small satisfaction in the mind is the real happiness which you could be proud of. You may not be satisfied at every point of you life but at least stay blissful. Happy a nice time everyone :)

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