Lockdown:My experience

I don’t remember how many days have surpassed since Nepal Government announced the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. I was in village back then, loading chickens in the truck which was being brought down to Kathmandu (to be sold) when I heard that lockdown is starting from tomorrow morning at 6 am. My initial reaction was not as much as scared or worrying back then compared to now when I am finally beginning to understand the proximity of the situation.

I stayed in village for about 10 days when I finally started to get bored enough so that I could get an excuse to return to Kathmandu. The mind was really fluctuating for me at that time because I could not decide whether I should stay in the village or return to Kathmandu. If I am willing to return then what’s the means of transportation? At the final day of my stay in the village, I didn’t want to return at all because I got good company of boys there. On the other hand, my little brother was desperate to return and we had to sell the chickens too. So, there were no other options. I had to go.

Government cited that the vehicles which carried food materials would continue to run. That meant we had no restriction in travelling. We returned to Kathmandu via Nuwakot. After the entry, when we saw the visuals of road and markets here in Kathmandu, our initial reaction could not even believe what we were seeing. All the shops were closed. The number of people walking around and vehicles running could be counted on fingers. The whole city was beginning to feel eerie and dreadful.

So, I followed the rules and regulations of the lockdown very strictly once I returned to the home. I never got out of my house which is little to no difference for me since I never got out of my house except something very urgent at other times as well. Nobody was talking about any sports, upcoming examinations and much other stuff. The only thing that mattered was lives of the people since death toll was rapidly rising and is rising as well.

After staying about 9 days in Kathmandu doing nothing productive, I returned to village again. This time we had to supply some medicine to one of our relative. So, I violated the rules of the lockdown twice but I was travelling with valid reasons which were all under the law. This time, I worked on the fields in the village harvesting maize. After staying for 8 days, my uncle had to return to Kathmandu. So, we made a pass which would let us travel in the lockdown. So, I returned again. When some people are desperate to return to their homes amidst this lockdown, it was the period when I travelled the most back and forth.

I thought it was wonderful opportunity to learn something, perhaps some soft skills and I tried to learn as well. It’s funny that at these times, your mind is so occupied by news and all those ultra-hyped video casting by media that there is little to no positivity in your mind left. You get so distracted that it’s very hard to bring your mind on track.

Why wouldn’t you worry when you have relatives and friend living on worse affected area from coronavirus? My best friend who is currently living in Australia told me he has no jobs left and has hefty bills to pay. My mind baffles imagining what he is experiencing at the current situation. Not only him, there are thousands out there. The worst situation is in the border areas where thousands of Nepalese are stuck at the border. Having no food to eat, no place to live, it’s really heart-breaking situation as Nepal Government is not making any efforts to solve that problem.
I hope everything comes back to the track with the time and I hope for the positive. I wish all of you all the best on the war against corona virus. Please stay at home (don’t be like me :^) and don’t get out of your home until and unless there is some valid reason. Stay safe guys. Till next time J

-Rohan Raj Mudvari