Expressing my life through Blogging


I love to write more than anything else I do. I love to express my life through writing Blogs. I have distanced myself from social media which has really provided me with the space with ample amount of time to think and implement something creative.

Social media prompts us to compare ourselves with others which is the reason I left it. I know I am special and my true competition is with myself and not with anyone else. 

I also have another site where I write articles in a more elaborate form. The website: (The website may or may not exist depending on the time you're reading this article). However, I will continue to write blogs on Blogger throughout my life. I will be documenting all the highs and lows of my life without worrying about what others would think of me here. I won't at least have insecurity from anyone else.

All of my articles here would be my own personal thoughts not motivated by any external factors. Sometimes, it may be biased. It all depends on one's perspective though.