Why Should You Read Bhagwad Geeta?


Bhagwad Geeta is an ancient text which is believed to be delivered orally by Lord Krishna to Arjun before the Battle of Mahabharat. It is delivered by Krishna in order to convince Arjun to go to war against Kauravs.

Bhagwad Geeta is believed to be the pinnacle of all the existing knowledge in the world. While other books/texts/education may help you to get a job, earn money and live a luxurious life, reading Bhagwad Geeta helps you to know the true essence of life and how to live a satisfied and dignified life.

In this materialistic world, many people think that possessions make you happy but in reality, it only leads to lust, anger and jealousy. These three factors are enemies to human’s well-being. Irrespective of achieving great heights in their professional lives, people never seem to be happy or satisfied as the modern education system has only taught them ‘how to earn money?’ and not ‘how to be satisfied?’.

Having said that, Bhagwad Geeta doesn’t teach you to get rid of all the possessions and become saint-like ‘Tyagi/jogi’. Geeta strongly abstains you from becoming something like this. Instead, Geeta encourages you to do your work(karma) but never forget Lord Krishna. Having Lord Krishna on your mind and soul during doing your karma leads you to live a happy and satisfying life.

Bhagwad Geeta strongly abstains you from doing anything that affects your normal course of life like lust, anger, jealousy. It also teaches you to never have any kind of expectations while doing your karma.

“Your right is for action alone, never for the results. Do not become the agent of the results of action. May you not have any inclination for inaction”. –Chapter 2 Verse 47

As the above verse suggests, neither should you expect the results nor you should leave your karma altogether and become inactive. Bhagwad Geeta teaches you to do your work but the result of your work is in the hands of Lord Krishna.

Having expectations of any kind leads to attachments and attachments leads you to different desires and expectations. If those desires are fulfilled, it makes you happy otherwise you become sad and angry. Humans are caught up in this vicious cycle which never makes them happy or satisfied. Bhagwad Geeta teaches you how to detach from the objects and only focus on your karma instead.

Basically, Bhagwad Geeta helps you to master your mind. In any given situation, identify and focus on what is under your control and immediately take action and move on.

Whatever happens in your life, happens for a reason. Accept it totally and move forward.

The intrinsic nature of our mind is imaginative and unsatisfied. So rather than being in its control, master it. You need to master your senses in order to master your mind. If you take charge of what impulses you feed your brain with, your thinking and action will change accordingly.

The Bhagwad Geeta is full of these ‘gold-chunks’ which you could apply in your life. All of them is not possible to mention in this article. You got to read all of the book in order to know the true essence of Bhagwad Geeta and I am sure you will live a great life if you look forward to apply what you’ve learned. I am saying this from my personal experience and I hope you consider it too 🙂