Attempt To Know The Unknown

Every rush, every fear, every joy, every sorrow but life knows its ultimate truth i.e. death. Not only the death of a person, but even countries also die, even the sun dies ultimately causing the death of planet earth too.

So when I think of it this way, nothing really matters in the world. You may experience temporary joy and a sense of happiness but ultimately you are gonna die which is irreversible. Even if you are a beggar or king, your legacy lasts until the planet earth exists. One day humanity would come to an end as well bringing an end to whatever legacy you have.

Even the existence of the planet is temporary so the mere feelings of human beings should not be a parameter to be sad or experience sorrow. You can get over it if you have clear determination.

I often think of the image of myself in the eyes of society so the only push factor for me to succeed has proven to be the social factor. If you look at it this way, society is the prime reason for my sadness.

I think happiness and sadness are all about destiny. I see the miserable condition of street dogs every day. Spending each day of their life is a major challenge for them but still, they continue their lifecycle. They are driven by hormones which compel them to procreate in order to continue their legacy even after their death.

We humans too are majorly driven by hormones which compel us to procreate with handsome/beautiful partners mainly for the future security of one’s offspring. So, despite being the wisest beings on the planet, we are still driven by our primitive hormonal needs.

So, despite all the negative factors and miserable components, you still have the choice to choose happiness in life. If you choose happiness, you could spend this limited time you got in a meaningful way. Click here to read my Nepali article on happiness.