Life is like a roller coaster ride. It takes many twist and turns. Some people say they want to settle down and have a peaceful life. To be honest, I am not the guy who want to stay at his comfort zone but the irony is, I am comforting myself thinking the problems I am having now will have an ultimate end. I have shared many personal stuffs before in these blogs and I have been ashamed of it as well. The story of crushes to high's and low's of my life. The stories of how I pretended not take a bold step just to regret later.

Life has been peaceful and humble for me till now. I have not really struggled in life. I may call myself being completely dependent on my parents as they have struggled their whole lives just to make our lives comfortable. I have turned 19 on just last year's December but I still feel uncomfortable taking all those responsibilities which makes me feel that I am not made for it altogether.

I had tried many things just to comfort myself but I soon realized comforting myself like that (not taking any risk) lasts for only temporary period of time. After that, no sooner the fear of future insecurities and family pressure hijacks my mind altogether. Such things had led to less social interaction which explains why I am not communicating with people with whom I used to talk continuously for days.

My decline on studies and social appearance could be well explained through this. I am not experiencing any sort of serious tragedy or break-up but sometimes I really feel gutted seeing my patience level and approach to handle any situations. I hope this changes in coming days and I could have more positive approach for life. I have not posted any blogs for a while so this totally sums my situation currently. If you guys have any suggestions and advice for me then your opinions are most welcome guys. Keep spreading love and peace.