Message To My Future Self


Hey Rohan, how are you doing? I hope you’re doing good. This message is written exactly 10 years before you’d get it. Today is January 21 2022 and by the time you’d be getting this message, you’d be 31 years of age.

I know time is a relative thing for everyone but a lot changes in 10 years of interval. You may think in a different way as I do today. As a reckless dreamer, a boy in his early twenties, I may have greater expectations of what you’d become in 10 years of the time interval or more precisely, what I’d become as your past is a part of you too.

I am not sure whether you’d get this message or not but I really hope you do. Of course, I can’t predict what the future has to behold. The future is full of uncertainties which makes me curious how you must be doing.

Many people have their aim of what they’d like to see themselves in the future. Maybe the wiser option for every people would be to set a target and work on it but pity that I could not be the one or it’s meant to be like this for me. Of course, the uncertainty haunts me each and every day as the eternal self of mine pressurise me to work on something which secures the future altogether.

I don’t know whether you are settled in your life or not. Maybe no one is ever settled in their life I guess. No one has ever defined how to secure the future. Does settling refer to getting a job, building the house, getting married, having children and all those kinds of stuff? If you have achieved all those stuffs then what next? It’s a well known fact that human race always seeks for new targets, new challenges and stuffs like that. So practically speaking, no one is ever settled in life until their death. I am curious how do you define yourself, settled or unsettled, success or failure?

I know my question may be too absurd for you as these stuffs can’t be classified as something like black and white. Maybe you answering this question after 10 years of time may let me know whether all that effort I put into chasing success was worth it or not. It’s for you to define and in any case, if a time machine is ever invented, get that answer to me as I want to know 🙂

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