Experience of Working In a Chicken Farm


Kolpu Valley Krishi Farm

For the past 1 week, I was working at Kolpu Valley Krishi Farm which is an agricultural farm located in Thuldihi, Belkotgadhi Municipality-03, Nuwakot. It's good to be engaged in something productive as well as physically challenging rather than doing nothing and laying in my room back in Kathmandu.

It is always good and satisfactory to give your father a helping hand, especially during a difficult time like this. Our family is going through a financial crisis and difficulty currently and being the elder son of my family, it's my responsibility to get my family out of this trouble and I know that I am gonna do it.

Feeding chickens is not easy as it seems. You've got to carry huge sacks of chicken-feeder and pump water every 4 hours and so in order to keep chickens tummy full and going. It's very important that enough weight chickens is achieved so that chickens are marketable in the market.

Overall, it is always a good experience to travel back to your own village; where your root belongs and drain your sweat over there just as our ancestors did. It was also a great opportunity to realize how many hardships my father has gone through just to keep the family well and moving. These things really touch the inner part of my heart and keep me motivated to keep hard in order to pay my father back for what he've sacrificed.